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Bar Juice E-Liquid

*NEW* Blue Ice Pop | 10 Pack

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Nicotine Strength

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20mg Nic Salt

The best in class pharmaceutical grade nicotine

10ml Refillable Vape Juice

Just refill your tank and go!

1 Bottle = 5 Vape Bars

5 x cheaper than vape bars!

Made using the finest ingredients

Conforms to the highest European standards for e-liquid production using the finest ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Welcome to the frosty realm of Blue Ice Pop vape juice, a flavour that sends chills down your spine with every icy blue raspberry note. It's like a refreshing breeze in every puff, an Arctic adventure with a raspberry in a bobble hat that turns your vape into a frost-kissed fantasy. It’s not just raspberries; it's a winter wonderland and just as cool.

Pop Bar Juice Blue Ice Pop 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid into your pod and brace yourself for a polar blast of blue raspberry that echoes the iconic raspberry blue Mr Freeze Ice Pop. Enjoy your Blue Ice Pop Vape Bar Liquid and fun and frosty raspberry flavour will collide in a sub-zero moment of wow.

Embrace a pleasurably chilling experience with Blue Ice Pop Vape Bar Liquid, and let the icy vibes get ya.

Key benefits & features

  • Indulge without the chill in your bank account and immerse yourself in a cost-effective vaping sledge-ride, as one 10ml bottle of Blue Ice Pop e-liquid equals the same as 5 disposable vape bars. Fill up your pod and dive in.
  • Hark back to childhood without the nasty E-numbers. Blue Ice Pop vape juice uses only natural flavourings of blue raspberry with an icy blast.
  • Make the responsible eco-friendly choice with Blue Ice Pop vape bar liquid, and bid farewell to disposables
  • Enjoy a blissfully chilly experience with 20mg nic salt, where smooth hits and quivering chills become a frost-kissed pleasure to satisfy cravings.